Sunday, February 5, 2012

Birthday Card Club Update

How would you like to get hand made birthday cards on your special day? With sufficient interest, I would like to start a Birthday Card Club on this blog. Formerly, I was involved in something similar, however, because it was not mandatory to issue cards, I was disappointed to find myself mailing many and not being the recipient of the same. I would like this club to require every participant to issue every member a card within 15 days of their birthday. Failure to do so would mean removal of that person from the list. Participation would require that each member would have to provide me with their date of birth (year not required), their e-mail address and their postal address. This information would be distributed to the club members ONLY. The recipients of cards would be required to post their appreciation on the blog. Keep in mind that cards will be of varying styles, from simple to elaborate, depending on the preference of the artist. Scans of the cards would also be appreciated, but I believe that I would have to upload them to the blog after you e-mailed them to me. Members could also, but would not be required to, include Card Recipes. I have also received thoughtful items, such as stickers or die cuts, in my cards. This wouldn't be necessary either, but it is a nice surprise. This is a great way of sharing and learning from one another.

Please give serious consideration to your ability to commit to this endeavour. "Flakers" will not be appreciated. Membership will be limited to 24 Canadian residents, in order to anticipate the annual cost. I hope I have addressed all concerns. E-mail me with your comments and questions at and I will determine if this idea is feasible by March 1st. I look forward to hearing from you.

We have 6 members to date.


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